Our Approach

Trailhead's clients are a range of deep clean technology companies around the stage of launching their first commercial project. They are often pre-revenue, but funded by government grants or seed funding. They have small, nimble technical teams, and a validated business plan through commercial partnerships.

CLIENT industries

Renewable Energy

Fuel cells and hydrogen,
biofuels, solar, wind, energy storage, distributed energy

Energy Efficiency

Heat and power, equipment
retrofits, process optimization


Urban agriculture, food waste, process sectors

Circular Economy & Service Sector

New service models,
innovative materials, recycling and waste, GHG footprint, sustainable banking, carbon offsets


Past Projects

Some of our past projects have related to: hydrogen-as-a-service for commercial fleets, carbon offset project development and climate change consulting, low-carbon fuel technology development and investing, molecular hydrogen production through microwave reforming, and hydrogen fuel cell development. These clients span the US, Canada, and the UK.

We can help you scale.
Trailhead enables cleantech companies to scale their solutions and accelerate our transition to a low-carbon future.
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